About Expansion

Sigma Psi Zeta is the first multicultural Asian-interest sorority founded on the East Coast. In 1994, our Founding Mothers sought to fill a void and create a sisterhood comprised of strong, independent women. As we continue to expand, we seek to continue their mission.

As a whole, our sorority values pioneerism, friendship, strength, unity, professionalism and sisterhood. By growing our sorority, we hope to better serve and understand communities across the world.

Women who are interested in our sorority do not need to be of Asian descent. Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. does not discriminate based on race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. Our sisterhood celebrates the diversity of our members and applicants.

We do not believe there is a “typical” Sigma. Sisterhood is not a mold for girls to fit into; in fact, our differences are what enhance and enrich our experiences as sisters.

However, that being said, there are still key qualities we look for from our sisters. We find, support and encourage women who are innovative educators; those who are pioneers that set new standards for women in the professional and academic worlds, as well as in our communities. These individuals should share similar aspirations of unity, success and leadership. They are generally enthusiastic, talented, responsible and devoted.

Requirements for Interest Groups

Interest groups must have no less than ten women in their petitioning group, eight of whom must be underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores). They possess the tenacity and determination to become the Charter Class of a sistership of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority.

All members of our interest groups must maintain a MINIMUM cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.7 (based upon a 4.0 scale or its equivalent) prior to and during the chartering process.

We encourage all women to research other Asian-interest sororities in order to find the one that best fits their individual preferences. It is important that the women who choose our sisterhood feel that Sigma is right for them, and come to us with an informed decision.

Thank you for inquiring about Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.,
The Sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

Please email expansion[AT]sigmapsizeta.org to get in contact with our Expansion Directors, Ellen Le and Sylvia Hall.

Expansion Policies

Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority prioritizes the development of strong relationships with university administrations. We work in collaboration with Offices of Greek Affairs to ensure that our women are a contributing organization to their undergraduate campuses. It is, and always has been, our intention to add value, options and diversity to the university setting.

Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority has a strict non-hazing policy. The purpose of our new member program is to help stimulate a bond between new members and the sisters who have already been initiated. To mentally, physically or emotionally degrade women in our new member program would contradict the values of loyalty, allegiance and dedication that we uphold. We encourage universities to contact our Chapter Directors with any concerns in regards to this matter.

Universities and colleges that have been contacted by interest groups or interested women should be clear that they are not affiliated with our sorority unless they are listed on our Sisterships page. New colonies are referred to by Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority as “New Charters.” We will not establish new charters without university approval.

We encourage Offices of Greek Affairs to also contact our Executive Board of Directors with any comments or concerns they might have with our organization.