Sigma Psi Zeta (SYZ) takes pride in its originality, pioneerism, and outstanding membership. As the first multicultural, Asian-interest sorority on the East Coast, SYZ consistently makes inroads where others have not traveled and creates opportunities for those who wish to follow.

Spring Gala 2005, held at the Sheraton in Flushing, New York

Spring Gala 2005, held at the Sheraton in Flushing, New York

These accomplishments would never come about without the bonds of unity and dedication that exist between sisters. Our sisters are strong, unique individuals. We come together to laugh, play, reminisce, celebrate, and most importantly, make new memories.

Every year, sisters gather at our National events: National Convention, which takes place in the Spring at a rotating location; and Regional Rallies, which takes place every Fall and are are hosted on a rotating basis in each of our three regions to nurture a closer relationship between sisterships within the same region.

Beyond these, active and alumnae sisters often meet up at university events and in their local communities. Through the sorority, alumnae remain connected to their alma maters, offering support and guidance for new members. Active sisters form strong friendships across campuses. Every day, from Washington DC to California, Japan to Massachusetts, sisters find ways to keep the Sigma spirit alive. The Sigma network continues to grow through eighteen years and twelve states strong.

“True to our Colors, Red & Gold
Sisters forever, Heart & Soul”

Quote by Janet Yuen “Renais”, Epsilon Charter
SUNY Oneonta, Class of 2000